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"A secure base is a source that makes us feel welcome (caring) and inspires and encourages us to face the challenges that life throws at us together (daring) " 

Transition Based Leadership

The foundation of the work of The School for Transition is Transition Based Leadership. This leadership philosophy – which is firmly rooted in scientific research and experience in working with coaches, executives and their teams from all industries, countries and cultures – emphasizes that leaders must be able to form emotional bonds at work.

Transition Based Leadership is about being able to stay connected with each other, your employees and yourself in times of (great) pressure and change. It is about the roots of leadership and enabling employees to excel by enhancing personal resilience and emotional intelligence. Transition based leaders take the performance of their teams and departments to the next level. They are a secure base themselves and ensure that their teams become secure bases.

A secure base for people and organizations who want to shape transition.

Psychological safety is created in the ultimate balance of caring and daring. This is a condition for being able to excel. However, safety is not an end, but the necessary foundation from which growth and development of individuals, teams and the organization as a whole can arise. In excellent teams, people learn together from success and even more from failure. This creates a climate in which people achieve the set goals with maximum connection and go far beyond them. 

Based on security, bonding and trust, we are able to take steps, experiment and risk and make discoveries about ourselves, our potential, our talents and our calling and we go ahead of each other and those we lead. Transition Based Leadership focuses on talent in a very special way and allows it to be a transformative power source for the leader, his team and the people he leads

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The Language of Transition in Leadership by Jakob van Wielink, Riet Fiddelaers-Jaspers en Leo Wilhelm, 2024

The Craft of the Secure Base Coach by Jakob van Wielink, Klaartje van Gasteren, Marnix Reijmerink, Anne Verbokkem-Oerlemans, Leo Wilhelm, Riet Fiddelaers-Jaspers, 2024


The Power of Transition Based Leadership - Getting organisations, teams and employees to excel

This whitepaper gives you an approach that really brings the mind, heart and hands together and allows organizations to excel from there.

Organizations, change and loss - Transition based leadership and shaping transition

Leadership without (un)planned change and the associated loss does not exist. This whitepaper is for all leaders in organizations, regardless of their positions or the sector within which the organization operates.  

Would you like to know more about how this thought can contribute to yourself, your employees and your organization excelling? We would like to tell you more. Contact us directly via info@deschoolvoortransitie.nl or +31 26 302 00 00.

The Expert in Transition Based Leadership

The School for Transition guides organizations, their leaders and employees in becoming a secure base: a place where it is enjoyable to work and learn and where you are challenged to bring out the best in yourself and others. These are environments where individual, team and organizational goals are exceeded.

For us, connection and dialogue are keywords. All sustainable growth and necessary change occur through connection with yourself, your values, drives and talent and with the constantly changing world around you. We call this growth and change transition.

We work with a team of experts in professional, leadership and team development. With (multi-day) programs, possibly supplemented with individual inspiration and peer-to-peer learning sessions, we help leaders and organizations improve on their influence, impact and results. From there, it becomes possible to take full advantage of the available potential in individuals and organizations alike and achieve sustainable growth.



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